Ativan Dosage

Dose of Ativan that your healthcare provider will adjust for you will depend on:
• Your age
• Other medications you may be taking
• Other medical conditions you may have.

Do not adjust the dosage by yourself; you may only bring more harm to your health. Your healthcare provider will decrease or increase your current dosage if needed.

Dosing for Anxiety

It is recommended that for treating anxiety you start with a Ativan 1mg, take it 2-3 times a day. For insomnia due to anxiety, it is recommended 2mg-4mg once a day before bedtime. Since elderly people are more sensitive to the effects of the drug, it is recommended that elderly people start with a Ativan 0,5mg-1mg two times a day. General dosing information

These are some considerations for people who are taking Ativan:
• Ativan comes in these forms: oral liquid, injectable and tablet.
• This drug is used usually two or three times a day.
• It is ok to take Ativan with food. It can be taken with or without food.
• To get the best results, follow directly what your healthcare provider advices you and take the drug exactly as prescribed.

Is it possible to get too much Ativan?

Ativan – is a special drug, which is used to treat anxiety. As with other drugs, it is very possible that you may accidentally overdose. Side effects may appear if you overdosed with Ativan, side effects will depend on some factors (like how much did you overdosed, did you combine Ativan with alcohol and etc.)

Overdose symptoms

These are some Ativan overrode symptoms:
• Sedation
• Coma
• Confusion
• Speech problems
• Lethargy
• Low blood pressure (hypotension)
• Difficulty breathing
• Loss of life. Serious life-threatening symptoms mostly appear when combining Ativan with alcohol or other drugs that Ativan may interact with. Treatment

Firstly, overdose treatment may vary. If you have overdosed recently, your healthcare provider may prescribe you some certain drugs that may help you. Always there is a procedure when your healthcare provider places a tube into your stomach and “pumps the stomach”. These are some supportive treatments:
• Fluids through an intravenous line;
• Other treatments based on complications that occur. If you feel that you may overdose with Ativan, seek medical attention immediately.