Ativan Dosage

Ativan, or Lorazepam is intended for the curbing of anxiety and related problems. It is meant as a short-term aid which is done in tandem with therapy, so the individual can learn how to manage their affliction eventually without it. Due to the complexities of the brain’s chemistry, a specific Ativan dosage needs to be given. Usually a weaker concentration of the solution is prescribed in the beginning, like 0.5mg Ativan, with alterations made after continuos assessments by a doctor. Less is given over a length of time when the regimen ceases, so as to prevent unwanted side effects.

How Much Should I Take?

Depending on the individual, Ativan for anxiety is ingesting with food or without, but it must be taken at specific intervals of the day. That is why it is often times advised to take it with a meal so as to remember to take it. It may also help with stomach pains. Usually, a patient will start at 0.5mg two times a day and then speak to their doctor after a week to see if they need to up the Ativan dose. It is sold in .05mg, 1mg and 2mg tablets. On average, the typical patient takes 1mg tablets two or three times daily. More severe cases are treated with 2-4mg, with a possibility of more before going to bed so as to prevent restless or irregular sleep. The young, elderly or people taking several other medications are prescribed substantially less, sometimes being instructed to break tablets in half. It is absolutely crucial to follow your doctor’s instructions which may help in minimizing side-effects, over use, addiction or even death.

An overdose may be identified by
Lowered heart rate and pulse

Heaviness or pain in muscles

Difficulty speaking, moving, focusing

Cold sweats or hot flashes

Stomach or bowel pains

Unbearable migraines

Ativan Dosage Safety

One thing to note is that generic Ativan may be different so it is good to speak to a pharmacist to determine what’s too little or too much in terms of Ativan dose. Some versions of Lorazepam or other benzodiazepines may be extended release, so one or two pills taken in the morning should suffice. Also, liquid concentrates are sold as well, but the milligram count should be the same as if it was a pill. In rare cases and settings it is also injected so as to feel instant relief, but they are not typically sold at an Ativan pharmacy. Usually, it’s done in hospitals and institutions to sedate erratic patients.


Medicine is not to be taken to achieve any sort of high, but as an aid in panic, insomnia, agoraphobia treatment. A physician may recommend an Ativan dose for “off-label” usage, which means it helps with a certain ailment even though it’s not marketed to do so. This may be the case of when the medicine is given to epileptic patients or those going through chemical therapy. As already expressed, consulting your primary care physician regarding how you are doing with your treatment is foremost in getting the care you are seeking.