Xanax Abuse

The prescription drug classified as benzodiazepine is a known tranquilizer and sedative. But many people taking this drug became addicted to it.

The big question is why these people turn into Xanax abuser. It is now one of the most abused prescription drugs in the US and it is becoming widespread throughout the country at an alarming rate. But what exactly is Xanax and why do people get hooked on this type of drug.

Xanax abuse started to become prevalent and it will be helpful to know the actual history of this drug. Its formula started as alprazolam and was marketed under the Xanax brand name. Developed by Upjohn Lab in Michigan, the laboratory submitted its formula as an “anti-depressant” to the FDA for approval in the early 70’s. The drug got the confirmation, but the FDA gave the license that it will only be marketed as an “anti-anxiety” drug and not “a drug to relieve depression”. After a series of business and corporate acquisitions and mergers, Xanax eventually went to Pfizer. In the long run, the US patent for the formula expired, and the generic equivalent alprazolam became readily available on pharmacies (through prescription) in the United States and (under different brand names) all over the world.

The exceptional history of the drug, which has led many people to xanax abuse, started from its launch, as it become popular in treating anxiety disorders and panic attacks. There are testaments from people on how it help relieve depression. Though, the drug lurked for recreational use and became a subject to misuse for users. A combination of alcohol with xanax is potentially dangerous and can be very fatal if taken in overdose.

People who take the drug and experiences calming effects from their anxiety, and then suddenly stopped, have a difficult time in dealing with anxieties and stress when it pops up. They become overly dependent which then turns to xanax abuse. In such cases, a gradual discontinuance is advised, along with the help of a doctor.

Some contravening cases in its launch in the 70’s got published in major health publications and medical journals. There was a controversy that Upjohn lab suppressed these negative releases. The reports revealed cases of seizures, psychoses, severe withdrawal symptoms and intense rebound anxiety after discontinuation of the drug. Detoxification is required in this case to fully cleanse the body system.

Treatment for xanax abuse also includes cognitive behavior therapy (a psycho-therapeutic or talking therapy) that addresses to solve the individual’s problem of dysfunctional behaviors and emotions through a goal oriented face-to-face procedure with a therapist.

The therapy mainly helps the addict get over xanax abuse and deal with their emotions themselves. The treatment helps the individual consciously change their negative behaviors and thoughts.

Counselling and support group is an important aspect for the complete recovery of someone in xanax abuse since it helps the individual cope up knowing there are people who feel the same way that they do. This lets them know that there are people who understand what they are going through and that are willing to help them fully recover.